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In just one week, the May 29th primary election will take place in Texas. I've been on the campaign trail for the last five months and it's been quite a ride. One thing people have asked as they prepare to cast their votes is what sets me apart from the other candidates in this race. To answer that, I think it's best to summarize this race and the stances I've taken as a candidate.


Within weeks of declaring my candidacy in January, I did something that was very uncomfortable for me: I released five years of my personal taxes. It's not required for candidates to take such an extraordinary step. But I wanted to show voters who I am and that I am completely committed to being transparent with them. To this date, no other candidate in the race has done the same.


I've often said that my purpose in life is not to be a U.S. Senator. That may sound odd since I'm running for that very position. What I mean is that my purpose in life is not to be a career politician. I have committed to only serving two terms in the U.S. Senate. We need representatives who understand what's happening on Real Street. After twelve years, they need to go back to the private sector and reconnect. I will be a citizen legislator who serves the people for a period then returns to my life on Real Street. Can the other candidates in this race say the same?


Voters are tired of politicians who only listen to political consultants and do what's politically expedient. I was told by those in the political establishment that endorsing a presidential candidate was foolish. But I firmly believe that Rick Santorum was the true conservative alternative to Barack Obama and I wasn't afraid to say it. I ran T.V. ads supporting Rick because I believed in his message. It might not have earned points with the establishment, but it was the right thing to do.


It's safe to say that on essential issues, most of the Republican candidates in this race share the same views. But we need more than that if we're going to restore our nation to its greatness. We need people who can passionately articulate our values. After the BELO Debate in April, my campaign received countless notes and messages from people expressing how moved they were by my passionate closing statement. They saw a man who genuinely cares about our nation and isn't afraid to speak the truth.


On the campaign trail, many people have been surprised to hear about my humble background. They didn't know that my mother left an abusive relationship when I was a child and had to raise two young boys on her own. They had never heard that I ate my fair share of mayonnaise-only sandwiches, or that I saw that eviction notice on our front door when I was in third grade. I have lived the American Dream and making sure that same Dream is preserved for future generations is what keeps me on the campaign trail and Local Texas Pros.

These are just a few of the many things that set me apart from the other candidates and that I hope will convince voters I am their best choice for U.S. Senate. My campaign does not have the money to get this message on the airwaves 24/7, but if you will forward this email to your sphere of influence, we can create a viral campaign. Texans deserve to hear from each of the candidates. Please help me by sharing my message with everyone you know. I humbly ask for your vote.

For Faith, Freedom and Texas,

Craig James

P.S. I need your help in this race. Please donate today and then share this message with your friends and family to help us spread the word!

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Craig James is the Deb Fischer of Texas U.S. Senate Race


Craig James is the Deb Fischer of Texas U.S. Senate Race

"We're confident that on May 29th the whole country will be talking about yet another stunning upset"

Dallas, Texas—Political pundits were stunned last night by the come-from-behind victory of Deb Fischer in the Nebraska U.S. Senate race. Trailing in the polls until just one week before the primary election and outspent significantly by her opponents, Fischer took the high road by not engaging in the negative campaign being waged by the two leading candidates. Today, the Craig James for U.S. Senate campaign is drawing attention to how the Texas race for U.S. Senate is similar to Nebraska's race.

"The parallels between the Nebraska and Texas U.S. Senate races are remarkable," commented Corbett Howard, campaign manager for Craig James' U.S. Senate campaign. "Like Deb Fischer, Craig is a rancher who has never run for statewide office before. And like Senator Fischer, Craig has stayed above the fray in the Dewhurst/Cruz mudslinging. Our campaign has focused on engaging the grassroots with a positive message about Craig's 30 years of business experience on Real Street and that message is resonating with voters. We're confident that on May 29th the whole country will be talking about yet another stunning upset in the unpredictable 2012 U.S. Senate races."

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You Can Vote NOW for Craig James


Craig voted today at his local polling place, the Celina High School. Please remember to get out and vote Craig James for U.S. Senate!


During early voting you may vote at any polling location in your county. Look for the "Vote Here" signs outside of courthouses, grocery stores and schools, or contact your county's Early Voting Clerk for polling locations so you can vote for Craig.


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A Mother's Day Message from Craig



Today we celebrate Mother's Day, a time to honor the women who sacrifice so much for their families. I'd like to share with you about two of the most important women in life.

As I've traveled the state on the campaign trail, I've often shared the story of my childhood. I come from a very humble background. I ate my fair share of mayonnaise-only sandwiches. And in third grade, I saw that yellow slip of paper on our apartment door that meant my mother, brother and I would have to move from our home. But despite the difficult circumstances of my youth, the thing that stands out most to me is the character of the woman who cared for me and my brother.


Craig with his mother Nancy after his first U.S. Senate candidate debate in Austin, January 2012

My mother had the courage to leave an abusive relationship and take on the daunting task of raising two young boys alone. She moved us from East Texas to Houston, where every morning she would get in her old VW and drive downtown to her job as a secretary. She never asked for government assistance and she never complained. She simply worked hard and provided for her children as best she could. If anyone has taught me what it means to have a backbone of steel and how to overcome obstacles, it's my mother. 

I've also shared how I first met my wife Marilyn when we were teenagers. At just 15 years old, I saw Marilyn sitting on her front porch one day. It was love at first sight.

And, as I like to joke, it was my first sales job because I had to convince 16-year-old Marilyn to not only go on a date with me, but since she had a driver's license and I didn't, I asked her to drive! She said yes, and nearly 30 years later, she is still my soulmate and best friend. Together, we have raised four children and we look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

My mother and wife are just two examples of the millions of women in our nation who selflessly love their families. Although we honor them today, we should appreciate them every day.

Happy Mother's Day.

For Faith, Freedom and Texas,

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Join the James Gang!


The campaign recently launched our campaign Steering Committee and we were amazed at the outpouring of support. Now, with early voting starting on Monday, May 14, we need your help to get out the vote for Craig.

We need you to become a member of The James Gang!


As part of The James Gang, you are a valued member of our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) offensive line!

We need your help with the following:

- Distribute campaign literature

- Make phone calls

- Drive people to the polls

- Get all your friends and family out to vote!

If you're ready to join Craig at the line of scrimmage and help us win this race, please email

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